Sunday, February 3, 2013

Creating Blue River Canyon with Brian Lockett (Part One)

First of three videos covering my workflow for making a simple mid-poly "green canyon," using Blender and limited settings in World Machine 2.  Since I'm using Blender and since World Machine 2 has a free Basic Edition, anyone can try what I show here.  I used a mouse in this just to show it can be done.  All assets in the corresponding source files are released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.  And the second video is in production.  Just thought I'd share it here, since it will be game-related by the third video, where we convert this terrain usable as a game scene for the Unity game engine.

- Brian

Updates In A Nutshell

It's been far too long since my last update, but never fear--I haven't stopped a thing about my production with this game.  It's been an interesting few past months for me personally, to say the least.  I didn't intend to stay away from my blog and development for so long, but hey, some things in life just can't be helped.

Anyways, here's a briefing of updates, since I don't want to spend a whole lot of time with the updates here:
  • I'm working on a three-part series tutorial on creating a canyon with Blender and World Machine 2.  I've completed the first video.  (I'll post the video here after this post.)
  • Cyka is still in active production, but due to being such a big project and until I get a reliable dev team assembled, it's taken a back seat to a smaller project.  Now my main focus is a small indie game called Se\/er.
  • I didn't make the 2013 IGF deadline this time, but I'm sure aiming for 2014 IGF.
  • From now on, I'm going with a "underpromise, overdeliver" philosophy with my updates.  Simple and short.
See you next time.

- Brian