The lands of your world are shifting.  The conflicts among the peoples are rising.  The rarest substance on the planet is showing up in a troublesome abundance.  There's a mysterious continent floating in the clouds.  And you are a young new king, in search for an answer to it all.  Explore the expansive world of Cyka, where a bit of MMORTS meets a bit of MMORPG, real-time strategy meets turn-based strategy, action meets adventure, and steampunk style meets cybernetic power.

Deuces Wild!™

The "Deuce Brothers," Jack and Magnus Androuet du Cerceau, were two of the greatest pair of secret agents in the government, following in the footsteps of their father, the former elite agent John Androuet du Cerceau (or "Johnny Deuce").  Tired of playing by the agency's safe rules, these two brothers left the agency to start their own rogue agency called A>C<E, or the Agency of Criminal Encroachment, where they focused on bringing down major criminal organizations worldwide while cutting in on a piece of their revenue.  But one day, Magnus mysterious left their agency, and when Jack found him fleeing the country with a man named Santiago (a major crime lord who Magnus himself opposed while in A>C<E), Magnus hesitantly took a shot at him.  Now, while continuing to lead A>C<E operations, Jack is after his brother to find out what's going on.  This is a unique series where each new game is a new key episode, and you can unlock new animated episodes to watch as you complete each game in order to complete the series.  (Hopefully, this is a series we can later bring onto the Wii U)


What is more important: freedom or power?  Find yourself as a runaway mechanic from society that has become dependent on an interconnected network of mental web as a addiction-inducing drug, put in place by the remnant powers of a great war 30 years ago that made them the de facto leaders. The technology, called the neuraweb wave, was first put into motion as a way to help rebuild the war-torn world, but soon became the device used by the greedy to have the people under their control.  You have taken one of your mechs that you've secretly altered for your escape and it's now or never.  As you escape for a rumored distant refuge that you're not even sure exists across the wild lands, you're not only fighting for your freedom from the powers, but you're fighting to survive your withdrawals from the lifelong addiction.  Fight for freedom from the corrupted and control over yourself.  Will you survive the challenging ordeal?  Will you get...Dis_connected?

Mega Bits™

The entire gaming world is under threat.  One villain has decided that he wants to "go ten-twenty-four," a quest for power to turn him from a 128-bit character into a legendary 1024-bit character--a sudden leap which threatens to drain all the bit-power of the interconnected gaming world and tear the it asunder.  To keep him from meeting hindrance, he froze all the main heroes of all the games in glitches and captured the Game Guide for her in-depth knowledge of all the games, and now all hope seems lost.  But he left one door open--he didn't bother to freeze the main heroes of the retro 8-bit games, thinking them being too insignificant to bother with stopping.  Most are limited in their abilities, many are already glitchy from age, few can travel online, and none of them seem like likely heroes.  Fortunately, there are the two main characters in the 8-bit world who were among the few games of their consoles that allowed for limited online access, with their Fantendo Modem.  Unfortunately, these two characters are long out of shape, always fighting, and just moronic in general.  Let's hope they don't "Game Over."  This game is a super-crossover parody homage to gaming we grew up on.  (A title hopefully for the Nintendo 3DS)

Jewel Huntress Mai™

Mai is a brash, snappy, daring, headstrong 16-year-old who has carried on in her father's footsteps as a jewel hunter, a professional mercenary explorer who seeks special jewels for their high-paying clients.  These rare jewels have special properties that make them highly desirable to scientists, collectors and the military alike, some capable of generating extreme power magnifications, and being hard and sometimes dangerous to obtain, this is where a jewel hunter makes their living.  When Mai's best friend Kimiko convinces her to both go out and find a mysterious rare yellow stone on behalf of her father's revolutionary invention, Mai is unaware just how important and wanted the stone truly is, with some very powerful people look.  Explore a world that's Dragon Ball-meets-Final Fantasy, with hilarious characters, a zany and wild plot, tons of deep exploration, a dynamic four-player battle engine, and real-time cinematics (hopefully all on Wii U).

*New!*  Ronoka™

A game adaptation of a manga series over seven years in the making.  This is one of the first stories of Brian Lockett, and one of his most beloved.  Follow the journey of Ronoka the Bon, an anthropomorphic blue fox changed from an ordinary fox and granted the gift of a special root sword called the Rhizoxiphosa (or "Rhizo"), in a wild fantasy land where beauty meets wonder, growing as he travels around the world to learn the special skills he needs to defeat Mass, a notorious band of seven shapeshifting village-destroying horrors who stop at nothing to destroy the world as they themselves literally slowly crumble apart from a strange abnormality.  (Based on an original manga series concept by Brian Lockett, then under the psuedonym Manga Fox.)  (Destined for Wii U.)

Cyka II™

You'll have to wait for this one.  We have the story for this sequel already. but we can't give away the details without giving away details from the current Cyka!  But we can tell you this much--King Cyka is older, the world is bigger, and the story's even more awesome.

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  1. Some of these details have changed.

    For starters, most of these won't be Wii U exclusives. Sounded like a better idea at the time. Wii U's not turning out nearly as moderate as one would hope. Which is sadly, really, because its controller offers so much potential.

    We still plan to support the Wii U, however, as we wanted to focused on the platform that best allowed our concepts due to its GamePad (one of our games is still an exclusive), but we're looking to support other platforms.

    Hey, sometimes things change. It's a part of growth at times.

    Also, there are more hashed-out details which alter and refine some of the elements of the listed, particularly Dis_connected. Plus, we've just got some more games on the agenda.

    An updated Games list is on the agenda, next time even with some logos.