About PolyKhrome

PolyKhrome is an independent game developer founded by a developer who goes by "Macro Man Jr." in January 2012.  We focus on developing highly-unique AAA indie games that are genre-bending and innovative, available on a wide range of platforms, and always packed with tons of action.  Simply put, we make the kind of just-plain-awesome games we ourselves we would want to play.

We don't just develop indie games for ourselves.  In addition to developing our own awesome games, we also occasionally will develop games for hire as a freelance indie game co-developer to help other indie developers develop their engaging innovative games, because we have a strong passion for creating games and delivering experiences unlike anything out there in the world of indie games--even if it's through helping other developers.  Upon our success, we would like to contribute to Indie Fund.

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  1. Hey Polykrome, I have stumbled upon your blog after looking up unity and some of its features, I am quite a good cinema 4d rigger and can model anything from a plan and can easily rig models so i was wondering if you would like me to rig or model anything for your games, i would not mind doing it for free if i was in the credits of whatever game my models or riggin will be used for, thanks, if you could just reply to this comment then i will get notified and will reply.