Thursday, April 19, 2012

A brief look at upcoming titles from PolyKhrome

Here's a quick look at the next titles that PolyKhrome currently has lined up behind our development for Cyka (please note that these games are not listed in order of development):

Deuces Wild!™

Join Jack Deuce, former secret agent and present head of the rogue agent team A>C<E (which stands for "Agency of Criminal Encroachment"), as he engages in the business of "criminal encroachment," which is where they stop secret world threats and take their piece of the criminals' share while they're at it.  Along the way, he searches for his traitor older brother and former A>C<E partner, Magnus Deuce.  This is an espionage/secret agent-style action game with a style that's Maverick-meets-Lupin the 3rd-meets-Mission: Impossible, with an emphasized jazzy soundtrack that'll give Cowboy Bebop a run for its money.  (The first episode of this series is the next PolyKhrome title in line for development.)


Play as a runaway rebel in a mech, seeking freedom from a desert post-apocalyptic science-fantasy world where everything is connected online by a constant stream of neurologically-addicting signal waves--a form of mind Internet through powerful neurologically-altering signal waves.  Citizens are hooked on the signal wave like a drug, done by major companies contracted to keep the people under their residual tyrannical governments' thumbs, and though many try to escape, few people ever succeed.

While you're struggling to escape from controlled task forces and hired bounty hunters chasing after you, your character struggles as you attempt to break them away from the highly-addictive mental signal, which your runaway mech pilot must overcome.  Meet up with other successful runaways, and help each other reach the rumored haven that all runaways risk their lives hoping exists.  The characters face the dangers of escaping into a wild dangerous fantasy world together while fighting cold-turkey against their lifelong addictions.  This science-fantasy mech RPG feels like Final Fantasy-meets-Front Mission-meets-Zone of the Enders.

Dis_connected II: Salvation Age™

For now, that's all we're going to tell about this one--the title.  ...Well, and that the game also involves interplanetary space travel, a secret space colony, and effort to finally free humanity from the brain-drug signal waves.  But that's all we're telling right now.

Mega Bits™

The virtual gaming world needs saving from a looming threat, and it's up to three (moronic) 8-bit characters to transcend through the many gaming dimensions to save the day.  They'll meet other video game legends along the way, as well as get use to new things as they experience life in other graphical worlds (like having shadows and actual voices for once).  This game is a parody genre-hopping nostalgia-overload adventure-role-playing game that shouts out to classic gaming culture.

Jewel Huntress Mai™

In a nutshell: Deep adventure, shallow girl.  Mai is a jewel huntress, someone who makes a living hunting for special and rare jewels besought by high-paying employers who want them for whatever reason, and she's brash and action-hungry.  When she is commissioned by her best friend Kimiko to help her find a rare yellow stone, she is unaware just how important the stone truly is, and furthermore, that some very powerful people are also seeking after the stone at any cost.  This game has a rich Japanese animé illustrative style reminiscent of Dragon Ball, with funny characters, a wild plot that leaves Mai confused, deep exploration, a dynamic third-person battle engine, and nice real-time cinematic touches to the game that makes it feel more like watching a show than playing a game.

Cyka II™ (working name)

     In Cyka, the threat came from the planet Rhye and the world divided over it.  In Cyka II, the threat comes to the planet Rhye and the world will unite over it.

There's a lot of work ahead for this company, but it all depends on our success with Cyka, and so Cyka is getting PolyKhrome's full and undivided attention.  We won't rest until Cyka is complete and running perfectly.

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