Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hi folks! Welcome to our blog!

Welcome!  This is the official PolyKhrome Games blog.  Here, you can catch up on our company's game development and business-related news, updates, behind-the-scenes, and concept art posts, among a few other things.  The company is up-and-starting, but we're confident in our growth and passion as a company.  We are currently working on our company's official website, but this blog site will serve as our friendly inside-look within PolyKhrome Games™.

Who are we?

Well, our short and personally-preferred answer is "Awesomeness in human form," but we suppose that's not a sufficient or professional enough answer for most.  {writer chuckles alone in self-satisfaction}

We're an indie game company unlike any other.  We develop games for ourselves, but we also develop games for hire as a freelance indie game developer, because we have a strong passion for creating games and delivering experiences unlike anything out there in the world of indie games.  We are talented concept designers, game artists, programmers, and marketers, thorough and professional yet friendly and imaginative, and we just love what we do.  We do the best job, in the best time, with the best people.  We want to make games that we'd HOPE someone would make for us.  And we know how you, a potential person with a great game idea, feel about having a dream of delivering a game to the world but not having everything or everyone you need to do it.

What's in a name?

Our name "PolyKhrome," an alternate spelling of "polychrome," a word from Greek origin meaning "with many colors."  That actually describes the vision of this company's goal in a word.  We're out to develop a wide range of great games of every color of the gaming rainbow (bending and blending genres in imaginative, captivating ways), and we're here to provide a wide variety of game creators with the services necessary to bring their visions to life, people with all kinds of ideas and all kinds of interests.  We have "many colors" here at PolyKhrome Games, developing own our games to our hearts' delight and delivering practically any kind of game for our clients, and doing an excellent job at it, working from all over the world and all walks of life.  When we're developing games for ourselves, we work diligently to create the greatest games from our passion, and when we're hired to develop or co-develop games, we work diligently with the client to bring their games into stunning life, one asset at a time.  We're Jacks of all trades when it comes to indie game development, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

If you hang with us, you'll get to see all sorts of neat things over time, like watching us make our games, watching us grow as a company, and even learn some of the things from our growth, possibly to start your own indie game company (or possibly even join ours!).  We're a fun bunch of people, and we hope you'll enjoy the fun games we aim to create, or that you'll enjoy our service in helping you create fun games.

- Brian Lockett, founder and chief developer of PolyKhrome Games

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