Thursday, January 9, 2014

Incoming Transmission...

Begin transmission...

Updates in progress...

- New project (Grimball, SeVer).
- New ground (Cyka).
- Bigger team.
- Refreshed developer.

Q2 2014.

Incoming message from Developer:
"...Ideas are becoming reality...the wait was worth it...soon, very soon..."
...End Transmission.


  1. Look forward to seeing it - Go Polykhrome!

  2. Thanks, guys! I can tell you now a bit about them, as a little sneak peek:

    Grimball will be an arcade-style pinball game, with action-adventure elements and a deathly touch from yours truly, the Grim Reaper. As production currently stands, due to its arcade nature which are more straightforward in development, this will be our first title. Destined for PC, Mac and Linux, we'll be looking for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U as well.

    SeVer is an RPG that's rather hard to define, because while it channels series such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI, but then it completely does its own thing like nothing else I've really experienced.

    Its story is broken up into four chapters across several years, it shall feature four-player co-op "solo questing" online gameplay, and overall, the series plays richly interplays with six other game series.

    SeVer is kicking off what is quite literally my life's work (try 13 years' worth of constructing two of the chief storylines, Multia and Ronoka ,which originated as novels), and I greatly anticipate revealing more about it.

    And Cyka, of course, is the big daddy persistent-online action RPG-RTS and the other two will help pave the way towards its development. This is the game I personally as its designer am most eager to play myself, since it's one game where being its designer serves me little advantage. That's the bar I've set for Cyka.

    Strategy, an ever-changing world, and the nature of passing time are the order of the day. Cyka is a title that I'm hoping will define a lot of action-RPG and RTS fans' top choices. It's also, as I've learned, a Russian curse word.

    I just want to thank you for your active following this humble little developer's blog. We really just had this blog up as a bit of a diary for ourselves, but it's heading towards something much bigger, and soon. It's been rough several years, but our persistence will pay off.

    We try to develop games that simply blow our minds, because once we blow our own minds first as its creators, it's ready to blow your minds as fans. I can tell you, 2014 will be our year.

    - Brian
    Leader of PolyKhrome