Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hey, folks.  A mess load of updates are coming.  The past couple of months have been quiet, but it hasn't been because work has slowed down with me.  On the contrary, I've been working on more than I can handle over the past couple of months.  I just haven't taken much time out for updates, and some things I simply didn't want to share yet.  But now, it's about time I shared some of it.

Development on Cyka is still coming along.  I'm making a new Indie DB page for Cyka, which will feature most of my increasing development news.  I find that it's easier maintaining an Indie DB page than a blog, and plus it puts me right where my audience is.  I have so much about it I want to reveal, and I'm confident about the success of my planned Kickstarter (which I'm holding off on, just until more development is done).  This thing is growing bigger in development than I originally had in mind, and it's turned into such an involved development, I only want to debut much of it on my Indie DB page.  Impression is powerful, after all.

This is a terrain used in my smaller project (still a work-in-progress)
An example terrain scene for the smaller project, SeVer (WIP)
In addition to my Indie DB page for Cyka, I'm also working on one for another smaller project I've been working on, called Se\/er.  This title is a short-story RPG title which is like a 3D cross between Super Metroid and Final Fantasy and blends platforming exploration with action role-playing journey.  It will play as a nice contrast to Cyka, which is a large-scale game that is a new kind of blend between RTS and MMORPG.

In fact, this smaller project Se\/er has been what I paused a while on Cyka to work on, since it is what will help fuel my Cyka development.  While I've been doing this, I've been working on everything myself (concept, programming, writing, assets creation, music--the works), so my blog suffered a bit as a priority,  My blog site's in need of a much-needed redesign as well, which I've been putting off a while.  But when I get enough development done, a site redesign be my top priority.

On another note, I'm finishing a tutorial series I started, which I plan to use series to bring interest to my game development.  And I've opened a new YouTube channel called PolyKrafter for a set of videos called the PolyKraft series, dedicated to showing the kind of workflow behind PolyKhrome productions.  It's a series of videos designed to help developers with some solutions towards AAA indie game development. When I'm done with some production on it, I'll share more about it.

I want to add that I'm doing some freelance work, which naturally cuts into my dev time.  So I've had my hands full with a lot of stuff.  I'm looking to support myself with development of Se\/er and Cyka full-time and the sales of my game-ready assets, but until then, I've got to freelance along side my developments.

That's all for the moment.  Thanks for visiting this blog!

- Brian

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