Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our debut is called...Cyka.

We're announcing development of our first game, a unique game called Cyka.  For the time being, we're going to be a bit sparse on the details (the game's mechanics are so unique, we want to be the first to create the first of its kind), but we will share this much with you:

In Story mode, you play as a steampunk robotic being named Cyka who is a commander of a medieval-style alien steampunk robot army of knights on an antique-style alien world.  As Cyka, you're in charge of defending your homeland against invading neighboring cities by leading an army of up to 200 units (in Story).  There are also two other modes: Versus mode and Conquest mode, both of which are multiplayer online, and though single-player Story mode will be top-notch (and extendable with downloadable content), the online multiplayer modes are where this game really shines.

The target period for completing development of this game is around December 2012, though the game is estimated to take about 7 months of full-time development (subject to change, and depends on how well the game can be supported and how much the company can get done). Cyka will be released for PC and Mac, and I plan for an iOS/Android tablet co-release and possibly Linux (depending how much support we can get for such).

I've already got a game design document near completion, and so far, it's about 15 pages.  I'll post the entire Cyka game document here soon.  Stay tuned for more details.

- Brian

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